A very warm welcome to my dear fellow travellers on earth. My name is Gurdip Hari and I am the
author of the book,Mental, Physical and Spiritual Health. And my goal is to help you get on to the
road that leads to happiness, peace, success, and good health.

Every single person on Earth wants to be happy, peaceful and successful in every area of their life.  
Let me tell you - All of these wonderful things have just one single root, and that is your Health.
Yes, if you are healthy, you will be able to attain all your goals and dreams.

Do you know that Good Health is the first birth-right of every single human being, but the majority
are ignorant of this fact, and therefore accept sickness, disease, dangerous drugs and medications
that never heal, and related pain and suffering as a normal part of life. Happiness, peace and
success all inter-related and they are your second birth-right. But, if you do not use the first birth-
right and attain Good Health, the second one dies even before taking birth.

Have you ever realized what is the biggest wonder on Earth? The human body is indeed the biggest
wonder on Earth and the most amazing creation in the entire Universe. If anything goes wrong, the
body is equipped with a highly intelligent healing mechanism to carry out repairs without any
outside interference. This is why the great Thomas Edison, who realized this truth, said: The doctor
of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his or her patients in the care of the human
frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.

And this is what my Book is all about

This Award-winning book, Mental, Physical and Spiritual Health will take you on an eye-opening
journey of Health,and will give you simple and easy guidelines on how to change your life-style and
take care of your body and mind with proper diet and exercise. It is a book that will transform your
life and make you happy, peaceful and successful in every area of your life. This book has won
three major American awards, and one of the judges wrote: ’The Book clearly states positive
changes to our lives by choices we make. If everyone individually chooses this Mental, Physical
and Spiritual Guide to life, it truly would be a Heaven on Earth’.

So order this Book now from this website or Amazon.com, and get on to the road that leads to 'A
Heaven on Earth'..
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