Mental, Physical & Spiritual Health - Winner of Pinnacle Book
Achievement Award, Benjamin Franklin Award and Book of
the Year Finalist Award

Good Health is the birth-right of every human-being. But the majority of us
are ignorant of this fact, and therefore accept sickness, disease and
related sufferings as a normal part of life. Join Gurdip Hari on an
'Eye-opening voyage of Health'. In clear unequivocal terms he explains
that Mind is the driver, Body the vehicle, and 'Spirit - The Real You' is the
passenger. He who understands this truth and begins to live according to
the simple laws of Nature as outlined in this Book, will truly gain freedom
from ill-health and begin to enjoy the wonders of life and success in every
field, by becoming Mentally, Physically and Spiritually fit.
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About the Author

Gurdip Hari is America’s new voice on Mind & Natural Health. His last Book, ‘The Conscious, Unconscious & Super-
Conscious Mind’ continues to sell and help people gain a deep insight into the unknown. While this current Book is in
the 4th revised print having sold
over 80,000 copies and helping thousands to transform their lives and move toward
Happiness, Peace, Success and Good Health.

He himself is an example and picture of extra-ordinary vibrant health. At age 6
2, he looks like a young man with
phenomenal energy levels and never falls sick following the life style outlined in this Book. As he says, "Health is our
Biggest Wealth, but to be truly wealthy, you got to be healthy". His Music website at: is a
great motivational tool with heart-warming music and inspiring messages, while his fascinating website www. continues to inspire Mankind with over 30,000 visitors every month.      

He is available in USA/Canada
/India/Ghana as a guest for speaking engagements, Radio and TV talk-shows.   
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Read what a cross-section of people are saying about this Book:

‘‘Truly Amazing and Powerful’’

Mental, Physical & Spiritual Health is an amazing book that reveals some great SECRETS about the human body and the Universe. The road to
Wealth passes through Good Health, and if there is one book you need to attain Optimum Health and enjoy the wonders of life, love and success,
this is the one.

John Harricharan -- Award-winning author of the bestseller, The Power Pause.

‘A Great Revelation’’

The greatest Secret to success in any field is Good Health and without any doubt Health is our biggest Wealth. And this book reveals the SECRET
on how to align the Mind, Body and Spirit that will not only usher Personal Success, but also lead to World Peace and heal our Planet.

Doctor Carlos P. Manlapaz, President - Lynwood, CA, USA

‘‘The Book Deserves a Pulitzer Prize"

This book stuns the reader with its remarkable revelations on how to obtain harmonious integral development. The author has distilled the wisdom
of the ages to reveal, THE SECRET OF SECRETS, and deserves a Pulitzer Prize for its extensive benefit to help humanity in the sincerest and
most honest manner.

Rolando A. Carbonell - Author, Poet, World Peace Academy Award Recipient – Philippines

‘‘A Priceless Treasure for Mankind’’

This book has transformed my life and put me on the road to Good Health and Success. It contains the timeless and ageless wisdom of the
Universe in today’s language and is a priceless treasure for Mankind, as it has the power to transform ordinary people into extra-ordinary.

James Morton
Council Member (2008) City of Lynwood, CA, USA

‘‘Inspires and Motivates like The Bible’’

This great book not only inspires and motivates me like The Bible, but also helps me to inspire my clients and help them to take control of their
lives. And I highly recommend it to one and all – As it has all the tools and the KEY that will unlock the doors to a bright healthy future.

Javier Gonzalez, Personal Certified Trainer
Bally Total Fitness, Downey, CA, USA

‘‘A Life-long Solution for a Successful Life’’

In his book, Gurdip Hari has successfully woven together all elements needed to attain a healthy, happy and successful life. This is life-long
solution, not some temporary fad diet and I can already see the wonderful changes in me, not just physical, but mental and spiritual as well.

Terri Sebastian - ACG - Past Division Governor
ISD Toastmasters Div E, Los Angeles, CA, USA

''A Marvelous Book on Health''

Gurdip Hari has written an exceptional book on what being healthy really means and how one can attain it. You will learn a great deal about
yourself and on how to maintain or regain your health by reading this marvelous book. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to maximize their
health on all levels."

YANNI MANIATES - Author of "Magical Keys to Self-Mastery"

"A Great Recipe for a Wholesome Life"

Gurdip Hari is a successful businessman and social worker, but above all, a very compassionate person. It is the last bit which has prompted him to
distil his knowledge and share it with others. This book is his recipe for a healthy, wholesome and successful life. Basic human goals have not
changed for thousands of years; the wisdom to attain those goals has also been spelt by the masters of all ages like Buddha, Jesus, Krishna. But
we miss it. Perhaps there is a need to re-say it from time to time in a simple contemporary language. This book is written in a simple clear language
so that even a reader with no prior knowledge of ancient texts and scriptures would find the road-map that leads to a happy and successful life.

Pritpal Shergill
Personal Development/Social Worker, Chandigarh, India.

‘‘A Heaven on Earth’’

The Book clearly states positive changes to our lives by choices we make. If everyone individually chooses this Mental, Physical & Spiritual Guide
to life, it truly would be a Heaven on Earth.

Juror - Benjamin Franklin Awards, USA

‘‘Simple and Beautiful’’

For the past 43 years I have studied how the mind, body, and spirit interact with each other. This very complex relationship is explained by Gurdip
Hari in a very simple and beautiful way.  Anyone can use this book and benefit from it to improve their everyday lives.

Dr. James M. Brodsky, Pharm. D., H.M.D., Naturopath, CA, USA
Mental, Physical & Spiritual Health, (Paperback) 255 pages ISBN 0976618656
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