Gurdip Hari's Dream Project

It is my dream to build state of the art Creative Schools in Africa with twenty-five percent seats reserved for
under-privileged children, who will have access to free education. The first institute of this kind will be built in
Accra, Ghana, based upon the following blue-print:

Name: Healthy Mind International School
Location: Madina, Accra, Ghana
Education from Kindergarten to High School

The school is now under construction and should be ready to commence operations in 2018. Besides providing
the best available education, the school will have finer arts facilities to include classes in modern and traditional
music, singing, painting, nutrition, health, drama, speech, and dancing. It will be equipped with studios for
visual and performing arts, and have facilities for tennis, basketball, hockey, soccer, and athletics.

Every child has a unique in-born talent, generosity and love in the heart. True education means to help them
discover these virtues in an atmosphere of joy and fun with activities that engage all their five sense modalities.
The focus will be to teach and create a conducive environment that fosters creative thought and action, and to
hone their inherent talents to optimize their best potential. For example, if a child is good at singing, besides
providing  the best available education, the primary focus would be to whet the child’s vocal skills to become a
good singer. Likewise, if someone is good in sports, drama, accounting or business, they will be trained and
educated to become professionals in those spheres.

Project to be financed from my publishing income.
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